Ever since I could remember, I loved to draw. After being the first from both sides of my family to graduate college I knew I had something that no one could ever take from me – knowledge. I did not want to be a starving artist with a fine arts degree so I decided to pursue another career path in the digital arts realm. I was able to accomplish graduating with an associate’s degree focused in desktop publishing and received a handful of certificates such as digital darkroom and digital pre-press to name a few. After the web and multimedia degree was fresh and new, I decided to get my undergraduate degree in Interactive Media Design from The Art Institute of California. After learning all aspects of design I really wanted to pursue advertising to grow my knowledge and understand how to place all these creative pieces together, which has led me to this point–aspiring to be a creative lead in my current role at Adventist Health Corporate. My aspiration was to develop an internal creative department for one of the facilities/hospitals of Adventist Health. Ever since reaching my midpoint goal, I have been promoted to corporate and will begin to lead all the 19 Adventist Health facilities to collaborate and build synergy. As a brand advocate I am also learning about brand development and creating with our current brand initiative. This journey has been an eye-opener and I am looking to grow more through the institution and to one day bring all creative into one department that would create campaigns and supporting elements for our enterprise.

Currently, I am the Interactive Communication Coordinator of Corporate Adventist Health. I have had the honor to work with some very well-known names and agencies, such as Oscar De La Hoya, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tony Plana and the East LA Classic Theater, Sensis Agency and Walton Isaacson agency. I also manage two developers and three designers who produce creative work for different departments of the institution.

THE Next
I have had a great support foundation with my family, my wife and three beautiful children, who have motivated me to accomplish the impossible in life. From humble beginnings to awesome challenges and great blessings, I am the man I am now because of the obstacles and opportunities I have faced in my life. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me and the challenges I will accomplish to get to my next goal in life. I am excited to grow as a creative in such an ever-changing industry where the content and creative truly has been modified and catered to the consumer/patient. The excitement of new communications and real-time communications will forever change the way we will market to our target audience.
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